What makes the Vitl Waters collection stand apart is the exclusive mineral water drawn from a large underground reservoir in the Great Lakes basin region. The water is at the center of all our products.   The reservoir was created as a saltwater sea more than 600,000,000 years ago during the Paleozoic Era.  Over the millenniums, as climate conditions changed, the seawater evaporated leaving a layer of mineral salts. Shifting tectonic plates eventually took the basin underground.  It remained one of Mother Nature’s secrets until discovered a century and a half ago under Mount Clemens, Michigan.


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Town locals soon realized the 34 minerals contained in this ancient water were beneficial for a variety of maladies. The good news quickly spread worldwide.  For the next 100 years, “Bath City” in Mount Clemens was a destination for the afflicted, as well as the rich and famous seeking the comfort of soothing, therapeutic baths.


With the development of antibiotics, the appeal for the medicinal mineral water treatments lessened.  Eventually, most of the businesses, which had grown as the result of the mineral water, closed.  However, one well remains viable in Mount Clemens. Today, Vitl Waters utilizes this 1400 foot deep well to bring the ancient and scientifically documented healing power of this amazing mineral water to the public.


Our Product Lines

Vitl Waters’ unique mineral water contains a complete panel of 34 essential minerals needed to help us feel healthy.  The Vitl Waters Mineral Water, Gel Rub, Restorative Cream and Bath Salts ease muscle and joint aches and discomforts while also delivering stress relief.   The Vitl Waters Serum and Moisturizing Cream create healthier, firmer and softer skin, along with helping to reverse the aging process.


Product Development

Guided by our founder, Susan Gans, Vitl Waters’ skillful chemists develop quality products that contain the highest possible concentration of the healing mineral water.


The Results

For more than a hundred years, scientists, medical doctors and consumers have acknowledged the power of Vitl Waters Mineral Water.  The results of the mineral water’s natural form of pain relief, and the anti-aging benefits, have been recorded and documented.


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The Minerals

Vitl Waters’ products contain 34 minerals drawn from the ancient water that work together to offer younger, healthier looking skin, in addition to relief from arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, stiffness, joint inflammation, sprains, strains, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, eczema and more.

The following is a list of the 34 natural minerals contained in the Vitl Waters Mineral Water, which is within all of the Vitl Waters products.